Advent Calendar Day 12

black ware bowl with stars ea1956

Black ware bowl with star

This black ware bowl with a star design comes from Yaozhou kilns in China, and dates back to the Song Dynasty (AD 960–1279).

This design is particular to the Yaozhou kilns area during the 11th century, and is uncommon in Chinese ceramics. There are no star designs as such until much later, with blue-and-white porcelain, and constellation designs, being more widely used.

It is also the product of a time when there was a lot of experimentation with using glazes and slips to create decorative effects; it's also quite unusual to see the completely unglazed areas that can be observed on this object.

Black ware bowl with star, 11th century

Stoneware, with black iron glaze
16.3 cm wide
Yaozhou kilns, Shaanxi province, China