With Dr Julia Hegewald, Professor of Oriental Art History, Head of the Department of Asian and Islamic Art History, University of Bonn

Takes place in the Headley Lecture Theatre, followed by a reception

This lecture will introduce the impressive culture and splendid artistic remains of the Jaina religious group in Karnataka, South India.

Jainism is as old as Buddhism and flourished extensively during the early centuries CE. Under a number of royal dynasties, Jainism attained the status of a state religion in the area and large numbers of temple sites were newly established.

From the 12th century CE, internal changes in Jainism as well as new religious groups threatened the position of the Jainas and they were actively persecuted.

Despite this loss in power, they have survived as an active force and continue to produce great sculptural and temple art.

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10th-century figure of the Tirthankara Parshvanatha. EA2013.83


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