With artists Mohri Yuko, Takano Ryudai, and Yamaguchi Akira

Virtual Event – Join us Online

In this special online talk event, acclaimed Japanese artists Mohri Yuko, Takano Ryudai and Yamaguchi Akira will introduce their work and talk about Tokyo.

Despite using different artistic media, ranging from woodblock printing to photography and installation, their art has similarly been inspired by the metropolis.

How is Tokyo shown in their works? How has living in Tokyo impacted their practise? What does Tokyo mean to them?

The artists are joined by the Ashmolean's Curator of Modern and Contemporary art, Dr Lena Fritsch, who recently included their works in the Tokyo: Art & Photography exhibition (running until 3 January 2022).

This event has been organised in collaboration with the Japan Foundation.

This event has now taken place.


A busy city drawing of several bridges over a river, with automobile, boat traffic and pedestrians

Yamaguchi Akira, New Sights of Tokyo: Tokaido Nihonbashi Revisited, 2012. © Yamaguchi Akira. Courtesy Mizuma Art Gallery