Hands on coins

The Heberden Coin Room is one of the leading coin cabinets in the world. This is a fantastic chance to explore this wonderful collection and hear from experts in their fields. On Mon 4 November, Roman Coins Curator Dr Jerome Mairat will speak about Roman Coins from the early Republic to the fall of the Roman Empire, whilst Keeper Curator of Greek Coins Dr Volker Heuchert will speak about Greek Coins of particular historical interest from our collection on Wed 6 November.


Roman Coins with Dr Jerome Mairat


Mon 4 November, 11am and 2pm


Greek Coins with Dr Volker Heuchert

Wed 6 November, 1pm and 2pm


Where: Heberden Coin Room Study Room, meet in Gallery 36

Tickets: Free, booking essential

Open to guests of Members.

Booking commences ONLINE on Thu 26 September at 8am (11am via telephone).

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