The rebuilding of the Ashmolean and re-display of thousands of objects resulted in the creation of a dedicated mountmaking service. This continues to provide mounts for new accessions, changing displays, temporary exhibitions and loans. In addition, mounts have been made for other University museums and colleges.

Mounts are provided for objects made of metals, stone, glass, ceramics and organic materials such as textiles, leather and paper. In all cases the mountmaker works closely with the conservator and curator to ensure the object is presented as effectively as possible. Due consideration is necessary for any areas of weakness, such as cracks and repairs or friable and fragmentary surfaces. As a teaching collection the Ashmolean objects have to be accessible for study. For that reason all objects have to be readily removable from their mounts, a requirement that presents its own mountmaking challenges.

Mounts are designed to hold the object safely and discreetly yet still with a high degree of security. Mountmaking materials and processes are chosen to provide the most sensitive presentation whilst satisfying the most stringent conservation demands. 

Innovative mountmaking has enabled designers to present temporary exhibitions with style and flair.

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