This onsite lunchtime event will take place in the Headley Lecture Theatre

The concert is fully booked – returned tickets may be available at the booking link below

Booking is essential

With Tanaka Denjirō VII, professional kabuki musician, and associates; led by Ashmolean curator Clare Pollard

Join us for a special lunchtime concert.

Leading hayashikata (kabuki musician) Tanaka Denjirō VII on Japanese drum and fellow musician on Japanese flute will perform musical highlights from the kabuki theatre. Kabuki is a traditional Japanese drama, incorporating song, mime and dance.

The event will be opened by Clare Pollard, curator of the forthcoming Kabuki Kimono display, before an introduction to the instruments and costumes by Tanaka Denjirō VII.

The performance will last around 30 minutes, followed by a Q&A session. Okubo Hiroyoshi, costume dresser, will be available to answer questions about kabuki costumes.

A translator will provide Japanese to English and English to Japanese translation for parts of the event.

The event is part of our World in Colour season of events, and links in with our forthcoming free display, Kabuki Kimono: The costumes of Bandō Tamasaburō V.

Kabuki musical performers, dressed in black and grey, playing instruments against a red backdrop

Tanaka Denjirō VII, kabuki musician © Ishizawa Chieko

Kabuki concert group stage performance

Kabuki music performance © Ishizawa Chieko

Organised in collaboration with the Japan Foundation London
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This event takes place in the Headley Lecture Theatre at the Museum.

Tickets are £12 each.

The event is fully booked but returns may be available at the link below.


If you have any questions, please email us at publicprogrammes@ashmus.ox.ac.uk