February 2018 marked the 100th anniversary of the Representation of the People Act 1918, which enabled all men and some women over the age of 30 to vote for the first time. Although this act did not give all adult women the right to vote it was a huge success for the suffrage movement and sparked a number of acts that would contribute towards the balance of power between men and women.

Last year a programme of events was held to celebrate this anniversary which will continue on throughout 2019. See below for the latest events.


A trail across the collections of the Oxford University's Gardens, Libraries and Museums that highlights some of the incredible women who are represented within our wonderful collections and buildings, from artists and scientists to curators. 

The locations of each item are correct at the time of going to press in June 2018, but displays do sometimes change so please ask our gallery staff for help if you cannot find what you are looking for.

Download our Shout out for Women trail (PDF)